Our gastronomic menus

« Le Grand Oggi » Restaurant

If you visit Le Grand Oggi every day, you will discover two fixed-price gastronomic menus that change on a regular basis and showcase noble, gourmet products.

Booking required
For tables of 8 people and more a unique menu for all the guests will be made according to your wishes.

First Impression...

Green and white asparagus
Eggs, fresh garden peas, anise and bacon.
32 €
Dublin Bay Prawn made in hot and cold,
Tartar and roasted, heads juice and bisque, citrus and crystallized lemon.
 36 €
Mediterranean Tuna,
Fennel with dill powder, wasabi and guacamole.
 34 €
Beef made in all its forms,
Raw, consommé and grilled, cedrat, sheep cheese, hazelnuts, and mustarde ice cream.
 34 €

Between Sea...

Poached John Dory fish with oil of Corsican lemon,
Radish, chlorophyll, shellfish and oysters.
 46 €
Meagre fish made in two services,
Steamed and carpaccio, carrots, zucchini and Corsican citrus.
 42 €
Roasted monkfish,
"Prisuttu" and "chorizo", artichoke, toatoes and onions.
 44 €

And Land...

Pigeon cooked in diferrent ways,
At low temperature, confit and pie, onions and broad bean.
 46 €
Nessa veal,
Swiss chard, mushrooms, potatoes.
 44 €
Lamb made in two different style,
Ratatouille's inspiration, rosmarin gravy.
 46 €

Our seafood specialities

The Spiny Lobster
Served in two courses
Roasted tail and crunchy vegetables, shelled legs on salad of young leaves
21 € / 100g
Grilled blue lobster
15 € / 100g

The pastoral work...

Cheese and Nepita-Strawberry Jam
Selection of local Corsican goat cheeses from "Balagne"
"Ananata" Jam neoita-strawberry and strawberries marinated in venegar myrte

The sweet notes....

Like a tart, ilang-ilang, sweet guacamole, meringue.
 19 €
Pietra beer and rhubarb baba,
Namelaka of Dulcey chocolate.
 19 €
Chocolate and caramel,
Pop corn and corn ice cream, dark chocolate and salted butter caramel.
 19 €
Tapioca, pineapple and lime, ginger and passion fruit.
 19 €

Our compositions...

Enter the culinary universe of Loris Cornacchia and let yourself be seduced by the art of our chef.

Universe of Expression
A culinary journey in 9 courses (served for all guests on the table)
130 €
Invitation to Tasting
A culinary journey in 6 courses (served for all guests on the table)
110 €
Discovery Step,
A culinary journey in 3 courses.
78 €
Children's menu
Menu reserved for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years. Ask your maître d'hôtel for details.
23 €
Take a journey of the senses with wine that perfectly complements our food

1 glass of wine: €11
4 glasses of wine: €46
6 glasses of wine: €58

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