Hotel Calvi - Hotel Ile Rousse

Located in the village of Lumio, between Calvi and Ile Rousse, L 'hotel in Calvi Chez Charles opens up to you in a magical light.

This luxury hotel in CorsicaNewly renovated space in combining modernity and convenience, offers suites with terrace and beautiful soundproofed and air conditioned rooms. Thehotel in Corsica supply, sea side, stunning views of the Citadel CalviAnd mountain side, green areas.
For your relaxation, a large swimming pool is available, with the option of a drink in the bar throughout the day.

The head of restaurant, Meanwhile, will discover through a current kitchen, all genuine products including Corsica holds.

Hotel Ile Rousse, Restaurant Calvi Hotel Chez Charles - Lumio Corsica
20260 Calvi - LUMIO
Tel. +33 (0) 4 95 60 61 71

Book your Calvi hotel and Ile Rousse, in the heart of the BALAGNE in Corsica The Greeks named Kallisté ... The most beautiful ... When the beautiful islands of the Peloponnese is known, we can only be intrigued by such a compliment ... And when we visit Corsica, it includes how it is deserved. By plane or boat, discover Corsica time for a short break or longer holiday. Book a hotel room Calvi lumio offers the unique charm of Corsica. In Corsica, a thousand activities are open to you. In season, the sea rolls out its endless sandy beaches. You can also enjoy during your hotel stay Ile Rousse Corsica, the quiet of the front and back end to discover the hinterland. Calvi from your hotel (Hotel Ile Rousse) and Balagne are at hand. Browse lined bush or join the busy streets of Calvi trails. Stop in a mountainside suspended between heaven and earth, and enjoy the panorama village. Then you reach the evening, exhausted but happy, your hotel Calvi, and sleep a deep sleep. The next day, Corsica let you discover a different face.



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